Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dare to Risk

OK, so if you read Gary's blog, you already know that I got my nose pierced yesterday. Gary did a great job of randomly tying in my nose piercing to life, but rather than leave a long comment on his blog I decided to blog about my life and how my nose piercing ties in. So here it is ...

We live in a world that is full of risks. We can take risks with our finances at a casino. We can take risks with our health by eating at any of the multiple fast food restaurants spread across the U.S. We can take risks with our personal lives by interacting with random strangers online at any given time. We can take risks with our lives by exceeding speed limits and driving without our seat belts. Some of you may think I acted on stupidity by piercing my nose. I like to think I took a risk.

You see I have always been the predictable, dependable girl. The one who always makes wise and good decisions. The who takes few risks. That is until yesterday. For as long as I can remember, Christianity has been about good decisions and few risks for me. Loving God meant knowing what I could and couldn't do. It was about rules and reasons, not risks.

In the past few years I feel I have grown more spiritually than ever before. And because of the growth, I am learning that Christianity and loving God means taking risks. It means jumping on any impulse that God puts on my heart. It means talking to a stranger about God's freedom. It means working everyday for him even if there is no financial security. It means loving without fear. It means standing up for what I believe. It means believing in His plan for my life. It means acting now, instead of hoping he will still make a way later. It means loving where he has me at, and not focusing on where I could go.

All that to say my nose piercing is a visual and permanent reminder to me that life is about taking risks. Some of those risks result in amazing opportunities. And others result in huge scars. Either way, a life without risks means living a life full of dreams, instead of living your dream life.