Friday, April 13, 2007

promises, promises

Well I think I've spent enough time surfing the Web and reading other blogs, now it's time I stop reading and start writing. So I promise(to the whole 2, if that, readers that I have), I will begin to blog monthly. I am starting a new season in my life. A season of promises. This season isn't just about promises I will make, but more so about the ones I have broke, the ones others broke and the ones that are kept.

Too often we make promises without really thinking about them(or at least I do). It just sounds better to say "I promise" instead of "Well it all depends how I feel at the moment." I've never really said that to someone, but I have probably said "I promise" and never followed through with it. If you are someone I have ever broke a promise to, "I am so sorry." I believe we rarely intend to intentionally harm others, but rather too often forget about others and think only of ourselves. So to YOU I am truly sorry.

I can truly say I am sorry for breaking promises because I know how it feels when someone breaks a promise to me. It feels horrible. It crushes you. I've had more broken promises than I care to write about, but just for your sake I will have to say the "I promise I'll call you" line is the one that has crushed me the most. I know I am not alone, you know what I'm taking about. You wait all day, all night and the next day for the certain someone to call. I'll admit it crushes me, but you know it has also helped me. Yeah I said helped. You see when someone breaks a promise, I lose trust in them. But once I lose trust in a certain person, I then gain trust in God that He is enough for me.

Which leads to me to kept promises. Wow, how awesome is it to be loved by a God who keeps His promises. You see God does not put desires inside our hearts for us to be crushed on or hurt over. We do enough of that! God is in the business of keeping promises. I am not saying He delivers when I expect Him to, but He definately delivers exactly when I need Him to. When I am desperate for Him. When all my promises are false and I am unable to keep them. When I don't think I can make it through another broken promise. God keeps His promises. Never forget that. Never lose grip of what He has promised you and most importantly never lose trust that He will do for you what He promised He will do.

Until next month ... I PROMISE!