Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Better BeckE in '08

Ok, so I've been inspired to start a campaign. Maybe it's all the politics in the news. Maybe it's the fact it's election year. Maybe it's the fact the State of Union was on last night. Or maybe it's the Mexican food I had yesterday kicking in. Regardless of the cause, I'm off and running. Here's the slogan: "A Better BeckE in '08!" Pretty clever, huh? Well I can't actually take credit for it, G. Fowler made it up the other day and it just stuck.
I got to thinking, what if we all spent about half as much time into making ourselves better, as we do complaining about what's wrong with everyone else. I am sure the main reason is we never like to think we are that bad. There's always someone worse, right? Not to mention it's always easier to tell someone how to fix themselves rather than make changes ourselves. Hey, there's my platform. "It time for a Change!"
Although there may not be too many people who would support that. I mean there are plenty of people out there who say "It's Time for a Change," but in actuality they won't stand up for change. Think about it. This year there could possibly be a woman on the ballot when we go to vote, but how many people do you think that's all they were pushing for. I'm not so sure America is ready to be lead by a woman, but I do believe there are a lot of people who are ready to make it look like they are. Ok think about it this way, how many of us say or even believe we need to lose a few pounds, but when it comes down to getting out of bed a little bit earlier or changing our meal habits we question if it's really worth it. It sounds good, but doesn't always feel so good. It's so true and I'm tired of it.
That's what this campaign is all about ... making changes that last. Making changes that last longer than a dozen of hot fresh donuts! (any other mouths watering?) I want to stop saying the changes are coming, but actually start working on them. It's not going to easy and maybe that's the problem. I think too often we forget that anything worth anything is never easy. We just expect things to be and that's where the complaining comes in. More importantly that's where the CHANGE needs to happen.
So will you join me in my campaign? What is it about you that needs to change? Are you willing to make the change or will you just keep complaining?
This ad has been sponsored by C3 Church. The place where dreams begin and changes are made!


gary: said...

I am with ya. I am all about helping BeckE become better in 08.

The change that I am going to make is that I am not going to try to change anymore. I am always trying to change and I am tired of it. I am going to stay the way I am, I am changing the change...

gary: said...
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Matthew and Martha Morgan said...

Good thoughts, BeckE. :) I like what you said about change. I've heard every politician toot the trumpet of change (except maybe Mel Carnahan, but he's a little deceased at the moment), but none of them take the time to say what change will look like. Who, What, How are they going to change?

Our lives are that way - we know we need to change, but we never plan how.

Thanks for coming out of retirement back to the blogging :)

Dave said...

A better BeckE??? That got me wondering. What would E stand for?

Well, there's Elevate, the camp you were just at in NZ. As in elevate Jesus - 'if I be elevated I will draw all people to Me.' Also we are called to elevate each other.

There's the 3 E's which are the unofficial motto of Elevate: Evangelise, Equip, Educate. At the camp the gospel was preached and people were saved. We were equipped and empowered to go on after camp and live more fully in the power and ability of Jesus. And most assuredly we were educated - most notably those who were assigned tasks that they might have thought hard but with God's help they made it, and thus learned something!

Anyway thanks for coming to NZ to encourage, empower, enable, enthuse, exhort, energise, maybe even electroconvulse some of us......

And the greatest of these is love!!! OK, love is not an e-word... but hang on ... in the last verse of 1 Cor 12 Paul wrote "I will show you a more excellent way" ... there it is - the EXCELLENCY of love! And as we all know now the God of love is not only excellent but extravagant and ENOUGH!!

Anyway ... I will exit before you eviscerate me :-)