Sunday, July 8, 2007

Live big, Dream big

I recently went home for a few days. It's a pretty big family event. My sister was born on the Fourth of July. As I was driving through certain areas of my hometown, I began to think about how big the town used to feel. Certain buildings and neighborhoods used to seem so much bigger. I remember as a kid driving by some houses thinking they were huge. I also remember going downtown to shop at Reid's, the big department store. Then I began to think about how I look at those places now. Now the neighborhoods aren't so big and the downtown area isn't quite as big as I remember it to be. When I was living in the same small town, surrounded by the same small buildings, people and jobs, my dreams seemed too big for me.

I think sometimes that's they way it is with life. If we choose to live our lives in same season, change wil always seem too big. It will always be something that is too hard to do. When I look back on my life 10 years ago, I can see I was living way too small. Now I am not saying you need to move to a big city to live out your dreams. But I am saying it takes moving, changing, out of your comfort zone, to live as big as your dreams.

I am not even sure if any of that made sense. Just a glimpse into the deep, random thoughts that I get out of simple things like driving through my hometown.

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