Sunday, June 24, 2007

I did it!

My parents bought me a grill about a month ago and it has been sitting in the box ever since. Well until yesterday. I finally got tried of sweeping around this big box in the living room. It was beginning to be more of a table than a grill. So I decided to stop waiting and start building it. It took me about two hours just to get to step three ... lol. And then I put something in wrong and had to take it apart and start over. It finally took me about six hours, my roommate's assistance and a batch of cookies to get it together. (Well at least almost, I still haven't hooked up the tank or cooked on it yet.) But I guess that kinda how life is ... you get where you think you are supposed to be, only to find out that's not right and have to start all over again. But I guess like the grill, there's always a lesson in the process that make the result worth while. Now everytime I cook on the grill I will be reminded of how I did it ... I put it together!

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