Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ready or Not

I have been thinking ... what does it really mean to be "ready?" When I look at my life I think I am "ready" to do a lot of things. I am "ready" to be married. I am "ready" to be a mother. But am I "ready" to be who God is calling me to be? (Even if that means I won't be a wife or a mother?) I believe we often feel we are "ready" for certain things and seasons in our lives, but are we really? I'll have to admit I am not ready to not be a wife or a mother, but I know if that's in God's plan for me, I'll learn to get "ready." You see I think being "ready" isn't so much about being at a specific place or stage in our lives, as it is about being willing to change. I don't think we reach a magical point in our lives when we are "ready" for anything. However I do believe that we can prepare ourselves for change, however that looks. I do believe we reach a point in our lives when we aren't so focused on ourselves that we can truly say we are "ready," however that looks and feel.

God told Moses this in Exodus 23:20: "Now get yourselves ready. I'm sending my Angel ahead of you to guard you in your travels, to lead you to the place that I've prepared." I don't think Moses had a clue what was instore for him, so how could he be "ready?" But I believe God is telling Moses: "Trust me, Follow me and Love me." That's all God really ask of us, yet we make it way too complicated. We see our lives lived out in stages we have to be "ready" for. I don't think we can ever really be "ready." Life is always changing and by the time we get "ready" for season, God has already started introducing us to a new one.

Ask any wife and she'll tell you marriage was nothing she was "ready" for. Ask any mom and she'll tell you parenthood is something you can never truly be "ready" for. Ask anyone and they'll tell you life is always filled with experiences they were not "ready" for. So God I guess ready or not, I am "ready."

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