Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stuck in traffic

Tonight I was stuck in a traffic jam for about 45 minutes. Isn't it funny how when we have to wait in traffic we instantly learn how to complain. I mean I was already tired, my gas was on low fuel, not to mention I was on low cash. It just was not a good time for me to be stuck in traffic. I also think it's crazy how you can a learn a lot about a person by watching hw they react in a traffic jam. You have the lookers. You know who I am talking about the folks who swerve from right to left hoping to caught a glimpse of the delay. Then there are the movers. These are the folks who could stand still if their life depended on it. They are constantly edging clsoer and closer to you think that will make the traffic move. Finally there are the NASCAR wanna bes. These are the folks that think a traffic jam is there one chance to drive like they're at the Bristle track. They are flying down the side of you on the edge of the road stirring up dust or they are spinning dirt trying to turn around in the median. Tonight I was thinking about the differnt types of people that are in this world and how easy it is to get caught up defining them rather than developing them. It is so much easy to say what aperson is or isn't rather than to help be what they can and need to be.

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