Thursday, June 28, 2007


Isn't it funny how several different people can look at a piece of artwork and walk away with several perceptions? Think about it. I am sure the artist had a certain person or experience in mind when they created the piece, yet when we look at it we can see a different person or experience. Same goes for book or novel. I am sure there are stories and instances that the author writes about a specific person or experience, but when we read them we instantly think of someone or something we have experienced.

I think our lives are the same way. Others can look at us and think we have it all together, when in reality we are as clueless as they are. Or we can look at others and see a picture-perfect life, not knowing the heartache and pain they hide. Just like a piece of artwork, our master created us with a specific plan and role. Some may spend their entire life searching for that plan and role, while others spend their entire life running from that plan or role. I can honestly say I been both of those types of people. For so long all I wanted was to know my purpose. Especially being born with a birth defect, I often wondered what God had in mind when he created me. What was he thinking? And then there have been times when I foud out where God was leading me, but I took my eyes off of him and began to be lead by fear. Or should I say became frozen by fear. It's not always the best thing to know what God has in store for you. God created each of us for a God-given purpose, which means sometimes our purpose is greater than what we may see as possible. Because it's for God to achieve through us, not us to achieve by ourselves.

It's taken me a lot of years to be able to say that last statement and truly understand what it means. I am sure there are going to be plenty of people who will have a perspective of who I am and how my life should be lived, but I know that there's only one perception that matters. Just like a piece of art, it's not viewer's opinion that matters as much as it is the creator's. Same is true for our lives. It's not the opinion of those who observe it that matters, as much as the opinion of our creator.

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dearabby said...

I think you might have a book somewhere in here. Keep writing... it's breaktaking art!